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What clean the hydraulic system of cement brick machine
Mar 03 , 2022
The maintenance of cement brick machine equipment plays a vital role in the long-term stability and normal operation of the equipment. The cleaning of hydraulic system is a key step in maintaining cement brick machine equipment.
  1. Cleanliness is usually determined by the particle count and indicated by the official operating status code of cleaning to achieve a certain index.

  2. During the cleaning process of cement brick machine, the operation of hydraulic pump and the heating of cleaning medium are carried out at the same time, and the oil temperature is 50 to 90 ℃.

hydraulic system of cement brick machine

3. The hydraulic system of cement brick machine equipment shall be cleaned for more than three times. After each cleaning, when the oil is hot, all the oil is released from the system. After cleaning, clean the filter, replace it with a new one and add new oil.
4 when cleaning the oil pipeline, it is recommended to install filter screen or filter screen to effectively filter out the silo and achieve good cleaning effect.
  5. Remove impurities from the system as much as possible.
6. In the process of cleaning the hydraulic pump, it is more conducive to improve the intermittent operation of the hydraulic pump and make the cleaning effect more obvious, otherwise it will not be cleaned.
7 pay attention to the maintenance of hydraulic components or replace hydraulic components in time.

The maintenance of cement brick machine equipment is beneficial to the enterprise, which can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also reduce the cost of the enterprise, and make the enterprise work efficiently and stably. Production to maximize benefits.

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