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Cement brick machine maintenance matters
Oct 29 , 2021
Cement brick machine is a machine that uses slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement, etc. as raw materials, scientifically proportions, adds water and stirs, and presses cement bricks, hollow blocks or colorful pavement bricks by high-pressure brick-making machinery. equipment. The biggest feature of the cement brick machine is the replacement of the mold. The cement brick machine can effectively produce the types of cement bricks according to the needs of users, which completely expands the user's use and sales. Of course, these premises are only required by the user. The selection of equipment molds is carefully in place and can be maintained regularly. The production of cement brick machines is heavy equipment. Relatively speaking, the price is high. When using it to create value, you must also consider how to maintain and maintain your own equipment. When using it, you must also pay attention to the rules of use to avoid unnecessary troubles. Bring economic benefits to more users,

Let us introduce to our customers the precautions for the maintenance and maintenance of the cement brick machine:

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1. Always keep the cement brick machine clean, remove waste and oil stains on the cement brick machine, and scrub the appearance of the machine. When the cement brick machine is running, all protective covers and floor covers must be installed. When the machine needs to be sealed for a long time, all parts should be protected against corrosion, and the specific matters of the customer operation should be carefully read the product manual, and then implemented in action, in order to use the cement brick machine smoothly and freely, and give full play to the superior performance of the equipment , And extend its service life.
2. Check the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage, short circuit, etc., pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance when using the equipment, so as to reduce maintenance and produce more qualified products.

3. The equipment must be installed with reliable grounding to ensure the safety of the operators. If the grounding device is not installed as required, it is easy to cause electric shock and personal injury.

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4. When the brick is produced, the brick surface is loose and the brick body is broken, or the upper mold is lifted up with the lower mold when the brick is removed. The reason is that the pressure of the upper pressure head is too low. If there is a bulge in the middle of the brick during the production of bricks, the reason is that the pressure of the upper pressure head cylinder is too high, or the vibrating time is too short, and the upper mold cannot be pressed in place. The oil pump motor was stopped or rotated hard, causing the motor to burn out. The reason was that the main pressure regulating valve of the equipment adjusted the pressure too much.

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5. The vibration power of the vibrating motor is insufficient, the brick-out period is long or the brick-out is loose, the reason is that the pressure adjustment of the lower mold is too large. The cause of welding or damage to the mold, balance arm and various parts of the host is that the pressure adjustment of the lower mold is too small. If the pressure regulating valve fails, the cause is damage or failure of the pressure spring in the pressure regulating valve. If the oil cylinder is leaking, the reason is that the seal in the cylinder loses its sealing effect.
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