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Advantages of HGMA QT10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine
Aug 02 , 2021
QT10-15 HGMA concrete block machine is a new type of brick making machine with a small footprint and fast brick-making speed. The reasons why HGMA concrete block machine is so popular among customers are as follows:
1. HGMA concrete block machine can realize a variety of brick types by changing molds, and one machine is equivalent to multiple machines.
2. HGMA concrete block machine adopts two 5.5kw vibration motors equipped with 11kw hydraulic motors, which has full power and fast brick output.

3. QT10-15 HGMA concrete block machine adopts PLC intelligent man-machine interface, which realizes automatic production, adopts frequency conversion technology to reduce the impact on machine parts and motors, and prolong the service life.

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4. QT10-15 HGMA concrete block machine adopts stainless steel distributing tooth 360°rotating distributing material, which is more wear-resistant and non-sticky material, has stronger dry and wet applicability and fast distributing speed.
5. HGMA Concrete Block Making Machine adopts a nested material truck lifting system, the frame is more compact and stable, and the matching mold is more efficient and fast. The box-type moving platform structure can effectively protect the vibration platform and extend the moving platform and pallet. Service life

6. The core components of QT10-15 HGMA concrete block machine adopt international brand high dynamic ratio method, horizontal assembly, hydraulic system pressure, speed, stroke can be adjusted according to different brick types, efficient and concise, convenient for maintenance operations.

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