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Prevent mechanical damage of concrete block making machine
Mar 22 , 2021
 In order to manage concrete block making machine equipment scientifically, cement brick factories should establish equipment management systems, equipment use and maintenance systems, equipment maintenance systems, and equipment accident management systems. Then there are four points to prevent mechanical damage to the concrete block making machine:
1. The operation mechanism of the concrete block making machine should be sensitive and easy to operate.

2. Necessary safety protection devices shall be equipped with protective covers, railings or fence doors for dangerous equipment. Various safety devices should be installed to avoid personal and equipment accidents. Safety devices include locking components, buffering and overloading devices, limiting devices, pressure limiting devices, locking devices, braking devices, and so on. All necessary alarm devices shall be installed.


3. Good working environment conditions must create the necessary environmental conditions for the use, installation and maintenance of the concrete block making machine. For example, the space where the equipment is located should not be too narrow, the site should be clean and tidy, and there should be good lighting.

4. Strengthen the maintenance work to ensure the safety performance of the concrete block making machine. In addition to designing and manufacturing equipment with excellent safety performance, the installation, maintenance and overhaul of the equipment are also very important, especially for equipment that is frequently welded and transported.

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