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HGMA Automatic Permeable Brick Making Machine Features
Aug 30 , 2021
Hgma permeable brick machine adopts a unique brand-new process formula and fully considers the wide applicability of raw materials in the design. It can effectively use various industrial wastes and wastes such as construction waste, fly ash and slag. It can produce high-grade sponge city ecological permeable brick, color road brick, wall brick and other products. The product has the advantages of high water permeability, good quality, low cost and not easy to weathering

Hgma permeable brick making machine integrates the advantages of various models and quotes a number of latest technologies, so that the model has the characteristics of high quality, strong durability, wide adaptability and diverse products.

1. The control system adopts color large screen touch screen to realize the intelligent control system of man-machine dialogue interface. The computer stores dozens of operation modes for selection and simple operation. The control electrical appliances adopt international brands such as Fuji and OMRON of Japan.

2. This model uses hydraulic motor to transmit vibration and solve the problems of motor heating.

3. The flat feeding device is adopted for the cloth to make the blanking more uniform and accurate. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. Changing the mold can produce hollow blocks of different specifications, porous bricks, standard bricks, heat insulation bricks, light ceramsite bricks, full-body bricks, cement products of various roads and railways, supporting products of landscape of municipal engineering, utilization products of construction waste residue, etc, This model is the main production equipment of investment scale cement products enterprises. This machine can be equipped with independent automatic plate lowering machine as a full-automatic simple line.
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