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/40m3/h electric engine stationary small concrete pump
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40m3/h electric engine stationary small concrete pump

40m3/h Concrete pump truck is a small fluid mixture conveying equipment, not only widely used for wet-mixed mortar pumping and wall plastering in high floor buildings construction, but also for support lining construction in ground heating project, tunnels, mines and other underground engineering.
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Concrete Pump Main Features

1. Concrete pump can transport of fine stone concrete aggregate particle size less than 20 mm, investment cost and operation cost is low, it is a ideal equipment in the construction engineering construction preferred.
2. Using S tube forms of distributing valve, satisfy large aggregate concrete pumping.
3. Hydraulic driving device can have very good secondary mixing effect, good for pumping.
4. Glasses plate and the cutting ring manufactured cemented carbide material Mosaic, wear-resisting, high life.
5. Hydraulic system consists of three independent circuits electro-hydraulic control, high reliability.
6. Electric control system the function is all ready, with the pump control function, eliminate pipeline jam fault.
7. Machine modeling elegant appearance, light weight, easy to transport.

8. Ingredients with continuous mixing equipment can achieve continuous pumping construction, improve the construction schedule.

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