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QT3-25 Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

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QT3-25 block making machine is according to china's national conditions, combining the maiority of the new and old customers device improved design of a new machine with the production og high quality, durablity strong, high production efficiency, suitable for the production of various high strength environmental protection brick, chain blocks, color tile, parking lot grass brick, hollow brick, ets. QT3-25making machine running automatically, using hydraulic transmission. double cloth, virbation pressure, height and compactness of the function of control, the exciting force. simple operation, easy maintenance and operation.

             Main Technical Parameters
cycle time 20-30svirbation typehydraulic virbation 
motor frequency50hztotal power20.7kw
pallet size680*535*20mmgross weight 3000kg
rated pressure 8.5mpamachine size 4000*3500*2300mm

block specification cycle time production per mouldproduction per shift(8 hours)
multi-holes block 240*115*90mm10pcs9600-12000pcs
standard block 240*115*51mm20pcs19200-24000pcs
hollow block 390*190*190mm3pcs2880-3600pcs
color paver block 200*100*60mm12pcs11520-14400pcs

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