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What is the requirement for a vibrating time permeable brick machine?

Oct 27, 2017

What is the requirement for a vibrating time permeable brick machine?

   If the vibration time is higher than the optimum value or too long, the density of the concrete will not increase significantly, and sometimes even the stratification will occur. If the vibration time is lower than the optimum value or too short, the concrete mixture will not be fully compact; Segregation phenomenon, but reduced the density of concrete and forming quality. For simple molding machine, the vibration time is generally 20-40S is appropriate.

   The vibration frequency, amplitude and vibration acceleration of the permeable brick molding machine are determined by the reasonable vibration duration of the permeable brick machine. The vibration duration of the concrete mixture can be selected in order to fully express the vibration of the concrete mixture. Real effect. The duration of the vibration depends on the dryness of the concrete mixture and other vibration parameters, which can be between several seconds to several tens of seconds.

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