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What kind of brick mold is more suitable for block machine

Nov 05, 2018

   Brick machine mold plays a vital role in the use of cement brick machine. The quality of cement brick production has a direct relationship with the quality of the mold. Good quality brick machine molds can make the machine last longer. Even if there is no brick machine mold that encounters the quality problem, the automatic cement brick machine mold needs to be replaced after using it for a certain period of time. I think everyone wants to buy the cement brick machine mold with good quality and long service life. What kind of brick machine mold is good? That is the carburized mold, so what is carburization?

    Carburizing hardening is a kind of surface hardening method and belongs to chemical surface hardening method. The carbureter produces the nascent carbon before the surface of the steel, and then penetrates into the surface layer of the steel and gradually diffuses into the interior. The nascent carbon is decomposed by gas such as CO or CH4. The source of CO is either derived from a gas containing CO, or is produced by a reaction of a solid carburizing agent in a carburizing vessel, or a bath containing a cyanide salt. When the initial ecological carbon is diffused into the interior by the surface of the steel, the temperature of the steel must be increased to the temperature range of the Wolsfield iron ore, so that the carbon of the initial ecology is spread, and the gas of the Govos can be dissolved more. Granular iron has a very low solubility, so the carburizing temperature must be above Ac3. In order to carry out the carburization, and in combination with various heat treatment methods, the steel is removed to form a low-hardness layer of high carbon hardened core low carbon. The treatment is provided to have a surface that is hard and wear-resistant, and the core is tough and impact resistant.

    The fully automatic cement brick machine mould processed in this way is not only earthquake-resistant but also durable. In addition, the automatic cement brick machine independently developed by our company has beautiful appearance, generous and beautiful appearance, and at the same time has unique characteristics and simple structure. Accurate movement and high precision control (in millimeters per millimeter) ensure the accuracy of the brick and reach the international advanced level. The hydraulic system of the cement brick machine has the characteristics of simple and reliable, with fewer valves. The hydraulic system of the brick master cylinder adopts the cartridge valve, the dynamic cartridge valve, the high frequency response servo proportional throttle cartridge valve, and the bidirectional proportional throttle cartridge. Control of valves, etc.; selected hydraulic parts and seals are well-known brands abroad, and the hydraulic system is very reliable.

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