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The prospect of concrete block is promising

Sep 12, 2017

The prospect of concrete block is promising

    These years with the rapid development of the times, the needs of the market, a block of tall buildings, people on the building requirements are getting higher and higher, corresponding to the life of the brick has a higher demand, while concrete block machine test and therefore opened the curtain. The development of any thing can not be smooth sailing, the ancients cloud: days will drop any people in the people also must suffer their minds, labor its bones, hungry its body skin, empty its body. As the prospects for the development of concrete block machine is also optimistic about the spiral in the rise, in a continuous exploration and seeking good stage.

Gongyi Qunxin is a professional manufacturer of concrete block machine. The concrete block machine has the characteristics of compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, fully sealed dustproof, circulating lubrication, simple operation, high output and durable. Quality and stability of similar products in the forefront of Gongyi City Group letter of the Ministry of Technology combined with years of research and production and market research results, summed up the use of concrete block machine in the process may be hidden, so that concrete block machine users in advance to prevent, to prepare for trouble.

1. The vibration force of the vibrator is insufficient, the brick cycle is long or the brick is loose;

2. Pressure regulator failure;

3. Mold, balance arm and the host of various parts of the open welding or damage;

Oil spill

5. brick when the brick is loose, brick body has broken phenomenon;

6. The pump motor is stopped or stopped, resulting in burnout of the motor;

7. Brick found in the middle of the brick.

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