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Hollow block machine components

Nov 10, 2017

Hollow block machine components

Hollow block machine is fly ash, construction waste, slag, gangue, river sand, stones add a small amount of cement production hollow block machinery and equipment. Hollow brick is a new type of wall material, it is environmentally friendly, economical and effective. Hollow brick main structure has the following components:

(1) Cloth mechanism: mainly used to feed the material in the silo into the forming mold;

(2) Rack: the main force to support the various components of the equipment as well as to withstand brick forming pressure;

(3) silo: mainly used to store materials;

(4) Indenter: Mainly used to press the molding equipment, while still working in the role of mold release;

(5) for the board agencies: mainly used for the delivery of pallets, points for the board before and for the board for two parts, the part is also equipped with scraper and coated with institutions;

(6) Lifting table: the main drag brick and the role of vibration, the rise of the brick used in forming, descending when used to drag out the molding brick;

(7) Control cabinet: mainly used to install the equipment control system;

(8) out of the brick transfer rack: mainly used to send the forming brick on the workbench.

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