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What problems concrete brick machine needs attention

Oct 11, 2018

What problems concrete brick machine needs attention.the specific maintenance items of the concrete brick making machine are as follows:

After long-term use, the concrete brick machine needs to pay attention to the maintenance and ensure that the equipment can operate normally and efficiently. Especially the maintenance of the concrete brick machine mold is best done once a week, which ensures the safety of the human machine and is very beneficial. Enterprise production.

1. Clean the mold cavity and the grease and waste on the surface. After the cleaning, the cavity is sprayed with anti-rust oil and re-sprayed. Check whether the components related to the concrete brick machine are damaged, and the loose parts are tightened to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine during production. Check the drawing, forming and pressing surface of the concrete brick machine mold, and repair, weld and polish the worn parts. Check the pressure and material parts, and repair and change the damaged parts. View the guide and wedge mechanism to repair and change the worn and cracked parts.

2, check the usual invisible parts for cracks and other fatigue damage to the newly discovered crack area and severely damaged parts, solicit the opinions of the process personnel for maintenance. Check the wear condition of the punch and the cutting edge, repair, repair and change the worn parts. Reflecting on the template, the wear of the formwork, changing the shape, repairing and changing the worn and deformed parts.

3. Check the flanged die of the concrete brick making machine, the convex and concave die gaps of the shaping die and the wear condition of the ridgeline, and repair the worn parts.

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