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Economic fully automatic block making machine

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Huayuan Economic fully automatic block making machine is Include Automatic collecting blocks Equipment (Cuber/Palletize/Wrapper/Strapper)

1.Huyuan Automatic Brick Collecting stacker machine System can Collect and stack up produced concrete bricks.meanwhile,it can clean and stack up the pallets

2.Save 5-6 persons,improve production efficiency

3. 360 degree rotated Manipulator stacker crane with frequency converter and proportional valve control system. So the Stacker can clamp bricks precisely, operate stably

4. Independent intelligent console,Using German PLC  components and ICs.LCD display realizes Man-Machine dialogue.

5.Unique way to push and restack bricks.Bricks can be restacked in a square size(Max:1.2*1.2M)

6.Using German Close and photoelectricity switches to ensure each action moves correctly

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